3 Fun Things to Do This Bank Holiday Weekend

3 Fun Things to Do This Bank Holiday Weekend

Yippee, it's Bank Holiday weekend this weekend which means one extra day to spend together as a family before your little holidayers are back to school!

Why not spend this weekend going on a lovely family adventure outdoors soaking up the sun (or rain) and breathing in the lovely fresh air before heading back to the swing of the everyday routine of school and work! We've rounded up our top 3 ideas for you for a fun-filled way to spend the last few days of the British Summer.

1. Go on a family walk

Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that are the simplest and most uncomplicated. A family walk is a great, inexpensive and uncomplicated way to spend a day together. Britain is full of gorgeous trails along rivers, lakes, woodlands, hills and by the seaside with plenty of family friendly options. Teach your muddy pups about local wildlife, let them roam around and make their own discoveries, play twenty questions, I spy or hide and seek. Make sure you take breaks and have plenty of water and snacks for when your little adventurers get tired. Walking isn't fun for them if they feel pushed so do include lots of activities to keep it fun!

2. Ride a Tandem Bicycle

If you are into going cycling with your children and you'd like to change things up a bit, family tandem cycling is a great option! In some ways it can be better than solo cycling as it allows the whole family, grown-ups and kids to cycle together in the same pace. On family cycling trips it can be hard to stay close to the children, they can get tired or feel frustrated if they're finding it hard to keep up with bigger kids or the adults. Riding a tandem bike together as a family could solve these problems and make cycling trips safer and more fun. There are so many different bikes to choose from, depending on your little cyclist's age you can opt for a tag-along, tailgater or tandem.

3. Go Camping in your garden

This is for our muddy beginners with very small children or babies. You can start teaching them the love of outdoors from a very young age by trialing family camping in your own garden this weekend. This way, you can prepare them for their first real family camping trip and you'll know if your little explorers are ready before actually committing to it. It's a great way of testing the waters and taking note of what you need to take with, plus you can always go back to the house if things are not working out. However, do make it as close to the real thing as possible. Set up a tent in the garden and sleep there the whole night if your little ones can do it. You can erect the tent together, furnish it, play games in the garden, make a bonfire, cook outdoors and stargaze, just like on a 'real' camping trip!
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