5 Ways to Get Children Outdoors

5 Ways to Get Children Outdoors

With the weather getting colder and the darker evenings drawing in, getting children outdoors can be tricky.

We’ve rounded up 5 tips on how to get your children to spend more time outside. There are countless benefits of being active outdoors, from better health to boosting your children’s brain development.

1) Start small

Skip the challenging adventures for now and start slow. Encourage your children to discover the great outdoors at their own pace instead and don’t be too hard on them (and on yourself). Sometimes less is more and you can always challenge your family and come up with more demanding activities later.

2) Make it exciting

Make spending time outside fun and enjoyable by coming up with exciting and engaging outdoor activities for your children. Let your children know that getting muddy and dirty is fine and let them just be themselves and have fun.

3) Make it a habit

Schedule some outdoor time into your family’s (busy) daily routine. If possible, walk your children to (or from) school or nursery, take some time to get outside before dinner and prioritise outdoor fun on the weekends.

4) Get the family outside

Make sure the whole family gets involved. Head outdoors together to connect with nature and spend some lovely time together. The most important thing is to start and commit to spending more time outside on a daily basis. Even small things such as playing in the garden or walking to school count on your journey to become an outdoor adventurer.

5) Dress (them) for success

No one likes being cold and it’s hard to blame little ones for not wanting to get outdoors if they are not properly protected from the elements. Make sure your children are kitted out correctly and have everything they need to brave the great outdoors come rain or shine. A warm, waterproof jacket and trousers paired with puddle-proof wellies or snow boots are a must for cold and wet days.
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