'Go Fish' with the Canal and River Trust!

'Go Fish' with the Canal and River Trust!

Beneath the peaceful surface of our canals, a soap opera of fish drama is unfolding. Battles are being fought between fearsome American crayfish and the mellow white claws. The white clawed crayfish are losing, considerably. The determined little stickleback is guarding his eggs day and night – patiently waiting for his precious offspring to emerge and escape the dangers of being eaten by a hungry pike. But when they do hatch, they simply turn into a mobile supper instead. The stickleback continues guarding them, undeterred. 

By Jack Perks

It’s hard to get excited by something that you can’t see, which is why the Canal & River Trust are revealing the secret world of fish to little ones across the country this summer. Fishing is a great way to get outside, connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of our waterways. It’s great fun too – especially when you catch something! This summer, the Canal & River Trust are running various ‘Go Fish’ taster events to introduce fishing to children. Children will have a chance to hold a fish (assuming they catch one) and learn why they should be safely returned to the water afterwards. Find out more about these free events here.  Canal & River Explorers is the education arm of the Canal & River Trust. We use the waterways to expand on the learning that children receive in the classroom – and fish are no exception. We teach children what native and invader species are, and how invaders can have a detrimental impact on the environment. We teach them about food chains and how each species plays a role in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem. And we teach them about their social responsibility to look after the canals and the wider environment – showing them the impact that dropped litter can have on fish and other wildlife. The links that our waterways have to the National Curriculum are extensive and cover a wide range of topics. Our passionate education volunteers are ready and waiting deliver this learning to schools or community groups. Find out more and book a session today.

Remember to be SAFE near the water and Stay Away From the Edge.

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