International Dawn Chorus Day!

International Dawn Chorus Day!

Did you know (we did not) but were delighted to discover that this Sunday is International Dawn Chorus Day?

Now we know that most parents had to shed the lie-in the moment their first little bundle of joy arrived in the world but this Sunday perhaps instead of shuffling bleary eyed out of bed perhaps you could throw open the window and listen to the birdsong to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day. Read on to discover a few of the favourite birds in the Muddy Puddles office…

 Mine is a cliche I know but I simply love the little robin redbreast. They are so friendly and curious darting around..

 Guy chose the blackbird - always hopping around looking for worms!

 The lovely Melissa, our merchandiser chose the cormorant - amazing how long they can stay under water for!

 For Suky its the Goldfinch, beautiful tiny little bird that looks quite exotic.

 For Kim our creative it is the blue tit 'because they are small and fat but are still super cute. She thinks 'they are an inspiration to all of us!'

 For our newest Muddy team mate Jara from Canada is a blue jay (Canadian), but she'll settle for a Cardinal. Love the red and so rare to spot :)

 And from Vanessa in our school team the Kingfisher – my dad used to spend hours with us when we were little spotting them at the river

 And for Sam also working with schools the Sparrowhawk! An incredible sight, the bright yellow eyes and speed, and have had two eating blackbirds in my garden now (sorry Guy) - an amazing and gory sight! For the best site we’ve found for discovering British birdsong, click here. Then lastly I absolutely loved a story I heard on the radio this morning about a nightingale who loved to sing along to the cello. Click here to learn more.

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