Create a nature map for your travels!

Create a nature map for your travels!

Every good explorer needs a map to guide them along their journey. But what about explorers who discover new routes? They need to create their own maps – just like the engineers that mapped and built our canals.

Building canals was costly and time-consuming. To keep costs down, the route needed to be as short and flat as possible. Sometimes hills couldn’t be avoided, and this led to the construction of locks to move boats up and downhill. One of the most impressive sets of locks in England is at Bingley Five Rise. It towers 18 meters high!


You can turn your youngsters into canal explorers too with our free activity sheet. Take a walk along the towpath and collect natural materials to mark what you see, e.g. locks, bridges or tunnels. It will teach children to observe their surroundings and give them a fun introduction into using maps.


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Always remember to be SAFE by the water and Stay Away From the Edge!

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