Spot Water Dangers with the Canal & River Trust!

Spot Water Dangers with the Canal & River Trust!

Our friends at the Canal and River Trust have kindly shared an excellent water danger worksheet for your littles ones to play! What dangers will you spot? Take the test now! The answers are below, let us know how you scored. Canals and rivers are beautiful places to enjoy the great outdoors. But, being over 200 years old, they were not built with safety in mind and sometimes tragedies do happen. Canals and rivers might look inviting for a dip, especially when it’s warm and sunny, but there are lots of hidden dangers. Swimming in them is never safe without the proper equipment. In our experience, children are often aware of the dangers at sea but less aware of the dangers inland. Use this handy ‘Spot the dangers’ poster to introduce water safety to children in a fun way, allowing them to enjoy our beautiful canals and rivers safely. Grown-ups can test themselves too! Find the answers below.


  • Child running off because the parents have become distracted.
  • Children playing too near the water’s edge.
  • Child swimming in canal.
  • Children sitting on the edge of a bridge.
  • Children swinging from tree over the canal.
  • Child about to dive into a lock with strong currents and very deep water.
  • A weir with fast running water.
  • Fisherman with long pole which can trip people up.
  • Objects in the water which may be sharp or trap your feet.
  • Cyclist very close to the edge.
Canal & River Explorers is the education team of the Canal & River Trust. For free games and activities, visit our website.

Remember to stay SAFE near the water and Stay Away From the Edge!

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