10 Things You Can Do In Your Muddy Puddles Jacket

10 Things You Can Do In Your Muddy Puddles Jacket

There are so many fun things you can do in your protective and super waterproof Muddy Puddles jacket.

We love our waterproof jackets for many reasons, but mostly for their versatility. They are perfect for all sorts of brilliant outdoor activities. Plus, they can carry your little adventurers from early spring all the way to winter. Read on if you’re wondering what to do next weekend, put on your Muddy Puddles jacket and have a lovely time outdoors.

1) Jump in puddles

Our jackets are super waterproof which makes them perfect for our favourite activity - splashing in puddles!! There is no better feeling than jumping into a huge, muddy puddle after the rain, right? Find the biggest one you can and do some splashing. We recommend our brilliant Puddleflex jackets made of soft PU as they’re particularly easy to wash (super handy after a good session of puddle jumping.) 

2) Have fun in the park

Head to the nearest park with your family and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Ask your children to spot as many different trees and plants as possible or play walking games. Our super warm, toasty ski jackets are perfect for chilly days and winter walks.

3) Run in the rain

Are you dreaming about running in the pouring rain like a character from one of your favourite adventure stories? Now you can make your dreams come true! Our waterproof coats are perfect for playing and running in the rain and will keep your little rain dancers dry, come rain or shine. 

4) Go on a scavenger hunt

Add a bit of a challenge to your family walk. List 5 – 10 items that can be found in your local park or in the neighbourhood for the little ones to find and send them off to search. You can set a time limit to make the hunt even more competitive. Have a look at our brilliant printable spotting sheets (we even have one for winter).

5) Play hide and seek

Play hide and seek with your little explorers (and pretend not to see them!). You can play anywhere you like – head to a park or to the local woods or simply play in your garden. Pack a pair of waterproof trousers to make sure your children stay warm and dry as they have fun outdoors. 

6) Build a den

Gather lots of sticks and twigs and build your very own den to have the perfect hideout place for the day. You can also use a Den kit, this will have everything you need for a super fun den building activity.

7) Ride a bike

Cycling to school instead of driving is so fun, plus it is good for you and your family. For milder days, we recommend our unlined and super waterproof Rainy Day jackets that are perfect for everyday wet weather activities or as a school jacket. 

8) Roll down a hill

Rolling down a hill is one of our favourite things to do outdoors. Make sure your adventurers wear a sturdy and protective jacket that will withstand the rough and tumble of their muddy adventures.

9) Climb a tree

What’s more fun than climbing trees? It’s good for your children’s physical development and it’s a wonderful way to spend more time in nature. Plus, it has never been easier thanks to our Puddleflex jacket’s handy double-ended zip allowing full freedom of movement. 

10) Make a mud pie

Make a messy mud pie with your children using nothing but mud and some nature items. Making a mud pie is a fun sensory activity that requires nothing more than some water and a stick, but you can make it more exciting by adding some nature art supplies and accessories. We recommend using flowers, shells, grass, sticks, leaves or pebbles.
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