Top Family Trips Where You Need Wellies By The Mummy Bubble

Top Family Trips Where You Need Wellies By The Mummy Bubble

When it comes to getting out and about with two young children, it’s definitely easier to pack light.

Vicky Smith is a 30-something mum of two girls, aged 1 and 3, who lives in beautiful Berkshire. She launched The Mummy Bubble while on her second maternity leave in 2017. The blog is aimed at fellow sleep thief survivors and celebrates the highs and lows of parenting life. Vicky likes prosecco, chocolate and days out with her family. Read on for some brilliant family trip tips Vicky has shared with us. Don't forget to pack a pair of wellies!

 Lugging around a huge bag of everything but the kitchen sink, plus two children who like to be lifted up and down onto swings, slides, and my shoulders, means that I’ve learned to embrace my minimalist side. If I can avoid packing it then I will. However when it comes to wellies and waterproofs, I dread the day that I ever forget to pack them for a trip out! Finding a perfect puddle and stamping, jumping and kicking in the water is one of my eldest daughter’s greatest pleasures in life. She always looks like she’s having the time of her life! But no one wants wet feet and clothes, even when you’re three! And I definitely do not want the tantrums that result in my toddler being denied the opportunity to splash to her heart’s content. So these days the wellies, and waterproofs, come with us everywhere we go! Now that my youngest is getting up on to her feet more and more, I know it’s only a matter of time before we need to kit her out with wellies of her own so she can have a puddle-jumping competition with her sister. Whether you live a town or country life, I believe wellies are an essential part of a family day out, wherever you’re visiting! These are the places we love to go as a family, and never forget to bring our wellies. Some of them may surprise you!

The farm Both children love meeting sheeps, pigs, goats and donkeys at the farm. We have a gorgeous local country park that has a beautiful little farm where children can feed the animals. But of course, where you find animals feeding on grass, you also find mud. Squelching around in mud is great fun, even for us grown-ups, but it is definitely not something you want to be wearing open-toed sandals for! The beach This may seem like an odd one, because surely the whole point of the beach is stripping down to your swimsuit and running into the sea with your arms stretched out wide. However we’ve had several staycations during autumn or winter where we’ve visited Cornwall. You actually get a lot of sun there, even in the colder months, but you wouldn’t want to necessarily go swimming with your kids in the temperature! Wellies mean they can paddle about in the surf without getting too chilly. They’re also essential for wading through rock pools and discovering strange sea creatures!

The park Even though they’re geared up for kids and are covered with child-safe surfaces, if there’s one tiny puddle in the entire playground you know your child will find it and be covered in mud within 10 seconds. Woodland walks It’s lovely to go off the beaten track and explore the woods. I like to make up little tales about fairies and magical creatures living in the forest, and we talk about all the animals and creepy crawlies we might find when we’re walking. While in the summer there may not be so many puddles in the woods, you can guarantee there will be mud somewhere, especially if your child is prone to ditch the public footpath and go roaming among the trees.

The city Yes you did read that correctly! Even when we pop into the high street or visit London for a wander, I never forget the wellies. Why? Because we live in the UK, land of the sudden downpour. Of course in the height of summer we may feel pretty confident that there will be zero showers, but those days be few and far between here on the British Isles! The fact is our weather changes at the drop of a hat, and it’s far easier to just embrace the rain and enjoy it if you’re prepared. To save myself the stress of being caught out, I pack the wellies even when we are popping into the shops. I wouldn’t want my toddler missing out on any puddle jumping action after all! So those are the top places you definitely will not find me without our trusty wellies. Do you pack your wellies everywhere you go in case of a puddle emergency? I would love to hear what your essential all-weather gear is too!

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