Identify Different Types of Trees with the Canal & River Trust!

Identify Different Types of Trees with the Canal & River Trust!

Our friends at the Canal and River Trust have shared with us how to become a tree tracker! Read on to learn how...

We hear lots about wildlife along the canals. It’s a popular attraction to get us out and about on the towpath, whether it be to spot the shy otter or to feed the humble mallard. 


Canals aren’t just havens for people and wildlife. They are important habitats for lots of different plants too. Foliage might not sound as exciting to your little ones as fluffy ducklings, but looking for different plants along the towpath is a great way to get kids outside and in touch with nature.


Trees were planted along the canal for a number of reasons. Hedges were planted to act as barriers for livestock whilst larger trees were planted to provide wood for lock gates. Lots of trees are also self-seeded.


Trees are a vital part of the food web. Without them, other wildlife would struggle to survive because of lack of food and habitat. So why not celebrate the trees along our waterways and turn your little ones into tree trackers! 

Our waterways are a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. For more ideas to keep your little ones active and amused, visit or follow us on Twitter @CRTExplorers.


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