Why do you need waterproofs when it's not raining?

Why do you need waterproofs when it's not raining?

We've caught up with the lovely Rachel Rose, a brilliant freelance writer and working mum of two adorable little adventurers, who explained why we should opt for waterproofs even when it's not raining!

Rachel is a real Muddy Mum: "We love getting out and about whenever we can. We love nature and exploring. Our boys aged 4 & 2 are happiest running around outside whatever the weather," she said. Read on to find out why waterproofs are an essential item in the wardrobe of every little Muddy Explorer! 

1) Well first and foremost we live in England!

The country which is most likely to feature all four weather seasons in just one day, maybe even in just one morning! We may step outside first thing in the morning, to enjoy gorgeous sunshine beaming down upon us and then by the afternoon be soaked by the pouring rain during the school pick up. BUT, if you pack your trusty waterproofs you will never be caught out! 

2) Misleading Weather

Don’t be fooled by what the sky is doing when you go to choose your childrens’ clobber. The amount of times I have looked up and thought “it’s not raining” therefore I won’t put the boys in their waterproofs. Only to be caught out by one of the following scenarios… - Morning dew on the grass - The ground is wet from yesterday's weather (or the previous three days of rain!) - Puddles- most toddlers are genetically programmed to bolt towards a tempting puddle - Mud, mud glorious mud - Wet play equipment or anything their little limbs can come into contact with: I’m looking at you overhanging branches/ brick walls/ play frame/ the car. Especially that disgusting black stuff from the car wheels that my tots seem to adore getting on their hands and clothes.  Now this next one and reason #4 are the big ones…

3) Washing

Buying a waterproof, be it a puddle suit for the little ones or a jacket and trousers for the bigger ones is by far the simplest way to reduce your washing pile by approximately, well a gazillion. It does not matter what they get up to; they can be free to enjoy that mud bath or sprint through that puddle or climb that tree covered in lichen (if that’s what the green stuff is called?). If they have their waterproofs on you can be happy knowing you will not have to wash the entire outfit at the end of play. Now just think of how many outfits a day you can from your wash? Multiply by a week’s load or a months load and you can see the washing gains climbing higher and higher. 

4) Freedom

The best reason to get your toddlers to wear waterproofs is that it gives children the gift of being truly free to immerse themselves in outdoor play. My little ones explore with their whole being and every one of their senses. This can get messy! I will let you in on a little secret… come closer now… I like things to be kept nice, I like things to be kept neat AND I like clothes to be kept clean (see washing pile notes above!). But I also want my children to fully experience nature and all of its wonderful benefits. The only way I can balance these rather opposing aims is, you have guessed it, THE WATERPROOF! Just because it’s not raining when you step out the door, it doesn’t mean you won’t need your waterproofs on! We keep our boys 3 in 1 Scamp Suit and Puddle Pac-A-Trouser and Puddlepac Jacket by the back door 24/7. Muddy Puddles was recommended to us by a friend and we have loved everything we have purchased. The items are first and foremost designed to withstand all weathers and enable the boys to be dry and warm enjoying whatever the weather throws at us. You just can not beat Muddy Puddles for their hand me down quality. On top of that the designs are cute and colourful and clash adorably.  Thank you so much for this brilliant feedback, Rachel <3 Connect with Rachel: Instagram
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