10 Fun Rainy Day Activities Children Will Love

10 Fun Rainy Day Activities Children Will Love

With May Half Term approaching in a weeks' time it's a good idea to have a few rainy day play ideas, just in case of any sudden downpours. We've got you covered with 10 fun rainy day activities that you and your kids can enjoy outdoors together.

There's no need to stay indoors when it rains. Our rainy day activities for children can be enjoyed outdoors for guaranteed family fun. Of course you’ll need to be prepared with protective waterproofs (we recommend them for parents, too!).

1) Dance in the rain

From all the fun rainy day activities for children, sometimes the simplest ones are the ones children enjoy the most. Dancing in the rain doesn’t require anything, all you need is your children and some rain. Let your children enjoy the rain and allow them to run around, dance and burn off some energy outside in the fresh air.

2) Build a dam

Build a dam like a little beaver while teaching your growing explorers about the power of water. First, you’ll need to build a stream using digging tools. Explain to them how the water follows the stream and then show your children what happens if you block the water’s way with rocks, pebbles and sticks. 

3) Make mud pies

Mud pie making is the ultimate messy play activity for children. They’ll love the fact that they can get mucky and muddy while working on their culinary creations. As long as their clothes are protected with waterproof layers, you don’t need to worry about the mess. Use rainwater to mix the ‘dough’ for the mud pies and gather nature items to decorate your muddy cakes and bakes. You can even invite friends to join in and organise your own Mud Pie bake-off.

4) Pooh sticks

This is a great activity to be enjoyed on any day but particularly good to keep little explorers occupied on a rainy walk which includes a bridge over running water. Get your little explorers to find a stick and check which way the water is flowing. Throw the sticks over the side of the bridge so that the water carries them under it. The stick that floats underneath the bridge first wins.

5) Raindrop art

Make beautiful patterns and pictures using nature’s help. Gather your little artists and get your supplies out. You’ll need watercolour paint, thick paper and brushes. Ask your children to create their paintings using plenty of watercolour paint. They can paint anything they like. Once they are done, take their pieces outside in the rain and watch how the raindrops transform their work. You could also try this with washable markers or food colouring and see which one works best.

6) Camp out in the wild

For this super rainy day activity, you don’t have to go far; the ‘wild’ can be your own back garden. Grab a tent, a mat, a few cushions and blankets and head outside with some great board games and a few books. Take in the smell of freshly fallen rain and enjoy the sound of the raindrops on the top of the tent while playing old-fashioned games and reading stories.

Photo Credit: Bundle Beds

7) Catch raindrops on your tongue

Catching raindrops is a super easy one of our round-up of fun rainy day activities for kids. Head outside and give your little one a great exercise by asking them to catch raindrops on their tongue, hands, nose, fingertips etc. They won’t even notice but they’ll be getting some healthy movement outside while developing their balance and coordination.

8) Go on a rainy day walk

A little bit of rain doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay indoors. Brave the weather, dress your children in rain-ready children’s wellies with warm, waterproof jackets on and you can head out for a lovely rainy day family walk.

9) Learn about clouds

When you're outdoors enjoying one of these super rainy day activities with your children, take the opportunity to observe rain clouds with them. This clouds spotting guide by the Met Office is helpful to (secretly) learn all the names in advance so you can impress them by teaching them all about the difference between cumulus, altocumulus and cirrocumulus.

Photo Credit: Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

10) Jump into (muddy) puddles!

We may be biased but true to our name, we think jumping in puddles is the single best rainy day activity for children. Head outside armed with super waterproof outerwear head-to-toe and tall wellies and set out on a quest to find the biggest puddles to jump into.
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