10 Outdoor Activities That Make Us Happy

10 Outdoor Activities That Make Us Happy

We all love the outdoors and we believe it's the perfect place for growing explorers to play and learn. There's so many benefits to be had from being outside - especially now when the air is fresh, the bumblebees are busying themselves and the summer flowers are in full bloom.

For our young adventurers, it's an even more colourful world full of carefree play and fun. We asked our Muddy Mums and their explorers to name what they love to do outdoors and the verdict is in! Here are the top 10 things that make us happy outdoors (plus a few tips on how to put them into practice).

girls playing on the beach

1) Camping out in the wild

You don’t have to go far; the ‘wild’ can be your own back garden! Grab a tent, a mat, a few cushions and blankets and head outside with some great board games and, of course, a waterproof jacket for those unexpected downpours.

2) Hunting for mini beasts

What can beat a day in the forest hunting high and low for mini beasts? Even if you only venture out into the back garden or your local park, there’s plenty to discover. Head further afield and look out for a wider range of wildlife habitats with their own tiny residents.

boy searching for bugs

3) Playing hide & seek

Everyone knows this good, old game but it doesn't make it any less exciting. Playing outside is even more fun (and way more challenging). You can also customise the rules depending on your children's age. Pick your favourite location and get playing. There's also other variations of the game to try such as Sardines or Forty Forty In.

4) Making dens

Building dens never gets dull! There’s nothing easier than putting together a simple outdoor shelter for your children to enjoy – you need a few twigs, sticks and leaves and it’s done. Make it extra cosy by adding blankets and cushions.

girl building a den

5) Running around the fields flapping like we're birds

Because we like pretending we're birds - wild, free and ready to fly!

6) Making mud pies

Mud pie making is the ultimate messy play fun for children! Use rain water to mix the ‘dough for the mud pies and gather items from nature to decorate your muddy cakes and bakes. Invite friends to join in and organise your own bake-off!

mud kitchen

7) Playing in the river with jam jars and seeing what we can catch

We love putting on a pair of wellies and heading out to collect some pebbles, pretending to catch little fish and hunting for treasures.

8) Jumping in puddles

Who doesn't love jumping in muddy puddles after the rain?! It's probably everyone's all-time-favourite outdoor activity. The only thing you need are wellies and, well, rain!

kids jumping in puddles

9) Playing in the sand

If the beach is a little too far away, why not make your own sandpit or head to a local park with a sand pit area? Don't forget buckets and spades for building and constructing the ultimate sandy masterpieces.

10) Hosting your own summer Olympics

Bring the Olympics to your own garden or when out and about. There's plenty of games you can try or let children come up with their own new challenges. On your marks, set, go!.....
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