10 Tips for Festival Fun with Children from The Good Life Experience

10 Tips for Festival Fun with Children from The Good Life Experience

Summer is here which means it's festival season in the UK! Going to a festival this summer with your children? We've got you covered!

Our friends from The Good Life Experience festival have shared with us 10 brilliant tips on taking children to festivals. Read on to make sure you and your loved ones enjoy the experience to the fullest without going home in tears!

1) Share the countdown

First up, involve your children in the planning and the kit list. Keep them up to date with all the announcements and activities and the excitement will build.

2) Safety first

On arrival make sure each child is wearing a wrist band with your name and phone number on it, just in case. And make sure your children know where the meeting place is if they get lost, and ram it into their heads. Small festivals make staying together much easier too. 

3) Ear defenders

Invest in a good pair and they will last your children for years. And ear plugs for the campsite at night, just in case there is a snorer nearby.

4) Learn from The Scouts and be prepared

Pack a rucksack or bumbag with all the stuff you'll need for the day; suncream, baby wipes, suncream, hand sanitiser, plasters, an external phone battery pack, nappies, a change of clothes, tissues and a chocolate stash for when energy levels are flagging.

5) Sun cream first thing

The forecast may not be balmy, but you know how fast the British weather can change. Use something like P20, which you can put on in the tent first thing, and stay protected all day without having to worry. 

6) Refill

Bring a reusable water bottle, and make sure everyone keeps topped up all day long. Many festivals are now doing their bit to reduce single use plastic - The Good Life Experience included - and provide water stations for you to fill up your bottles, so make the most of them.

7) Layer up

A Summer sleeping bag may not be enough to keep you toasty in your tent. It's better to over-pack than to shiver the night away, so take lots of layers for everyone. Hot water bottles are also handy, if you're taking your camping stove and will have access to hot water. 

8) Snacks are key

They keep sugar levels up and spirits high, so fill your tent with them and you will avoid going overboard at the food stalls.

9) The more the merrier

Go with a group of friends, so you can tag team in the evenings for some adult time, and see some of the later performances.

10) Make a good choice

Choose a festival that's aimed at adults and children alike (like The Good Life Experience), which activities and performances that work for all ages, that way, nobody will feel like they're being dragged around!  Do you have other festival hacks and tips to share with us? Leave us a comment below <3
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