4 Must-Read Children’s Nature Books

4 Must-Read Children’s Nature Books

As the school summer holidays approach, it's the perfect time to immerse ourselves in the wonders of nature. Whether you're planning a trip to the countryside, a camping adventure, or simply enjoying the great outdoors in your garden, there's no better way to enhance your experience than with captivating nature books.

We asked Dr Jenny Evans from Little Robin Education to recommend her top picks that will transport you into the enchanting realm of flora and fauna. Make sure you take a look at the Book Activity Packs available from Little Robin Education, ensuring an educational and entertaining summer and explore the benefits of the Little Robin Education Book Club subscriptions for an ongoing journey through the natural world.


1. "Song of the River" by Joy Cowley

Song of the River book cover
Photo credit: Gecko Press

Dive into a lyrical journey along a river as Joy Cowley's captivating storytelling introduces young readers to the delicate ecosystems and vibrant wildlife that thrive there. Discover the interdependence of creatures in this beautifully illustrated book, perfect for children curious about the river environment and its many inhabitants.

2. "Clem and Crab" by Fiona Lumbers

Clem and Crab book cover

Photo credit: Andersen Press

Join Clem and her friend crab as they embark on an adventurous exploration of the seashore. Fiona Lumbers' heart-warming story and exquisite illustrations illuminate the wonders of coastal life, emphasizing the importance of friendship, compassion, and protecting the natural world.

3. "All the Animals were sleeping" by Clare Helen Welsh

Photo credit: Nosy Crow

Photo credit: Nosy Crow

This charming picture book invites readers to a hidden world where a mongoose travels the Serengeti at night. Through beautiful illustrations and clever rhymes, young readers will discover how different creatures find shelter and rest in their own unique ways. "All the Animals were sleeping" celebrates the diversity of wildlife and encourages children to observe and appreciate the natural rhythms and habits of the animal kingdom.

4. "Enzo, the Swallows and Me" by Helen Mortimer

Enzo, the swallows and me book cover

Photo credit: Owlet Press

Embark on a captivating adventure alongside Enzo, a young boy who becomes fascinated by a family of swallows nesting in his garden. This beautiful story encourages children to observe and appreciate the wonders of bird migration and the bond between humans and nature.

Little Robin Education Activity Packs:

To enhance the reading experience, Little Robin Education offers engaging Activity Packs for each of these books. These packs include an activity booklet and a pack of fact cards about the animals featured in the stories. These resources provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the themes presented in the stories, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature.

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Little Robin Education Book Club Subscriptions:

If you and your child enjoy exploring the natural world through literature, consider subscribing to the Little Robin Education Book Club. With a subscription, you'll receive carefully curated nature-themed books delivered to your doorstep every other month (giving you plenty of time to fully absorb each story). This ongoing journey through the wonders of nature will keep your child engaged, inspired, and eager to learn more about the world we live in. Get 20% off your first subscription box with the code MUDDY20.

This summer, let the beauty of nature captivate your child's imagination through these enchanting books. From the soothing melodies of rivers to the bustling activity of seashores, these stories offer a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems that surround us. Enhance the reading experience with Activity Packs from Little Robin Education, and consider a Book Club subscription to ensure a continuous exploration of the natural world. With each page turned, your child will embark on an adventure that sparks curiosity, fosters empathy, and instils a love for nature that will last a lifetime.

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