5 Fun Garden Activities for Children

5 Fun Garden Activities for Children

If you’re looking for some fun activities to keep little ones entertained, why not head into the garden with the kids to recharge and get some fresh air. With the evenings getting lighter, it’s also the perfect opportunity to make the most of the extra daylight hours.

Playing outside encourages skills such as problem solving, nurtures creativity and provides a wealth of opportunities for developing your child’s imagination. It’s also a great way to reduce their screen time, increase their activity and top up those vitamin D levels. We’ve put together a list with some fun, simple and creative things to do in the garden or further afield this half term that will keep your growing adventurers busy and get them outside in the fresh air.

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1. Chalk drawing

Gather some coloured chalks and unleash yours and your children's creativity by drawing on paving stones and walls. You could also get a small stone, twig, beanbag, or other marker for a game of Hopscotch. Learn how to play with the basic rules and some fun variations of the game here. The chalk should wash off easily after a rain shower.

2. Obstacle course

You can create obstacles out of many different items you can find around your home and garden such as cones, sticks and a hula hoop. Just make sure it’s age appropriate and safe and don’t hesitate to join in too! You can time how long it takes your children to complete the course.

3. Plant a mini garden

Give your child a small area of the garden to plant their own flowers or vegetables. They can then be responsible for watering, weeding and looking after it, giving them a sense of responsibility. Your little gardeners will enjoy watching their little garden take shape and there's so many benefits for getting your children excited about gardening - you can read more about these in our article

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4. Animal rescue

Pop some plastic toys in a freezer bag or freezer safe container, fill with water and freeze. If you like, add a dash of food colouring to colour the ice for a bit of fun. Remove the bag from the freezer half an hour before and peel the bag or container away from the ice. Give your child a spoon to chisel away at the ice or alternatively use cups of warm water to melt it. This should keep them occupied for a while but don’t forget gloves to keep little fingers warm!

5. Play bug or leaf bingo

This is a super fun game to play with children of all ages and you might like to get involved in this one too! Ask your little explorers to find 10 different insects or leaves in the garden and then challenge them with correctly identifying them. You might find these guides useful for identifying common insects and leaves found in British gardens.
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