Back to School Essentials Every Muddy Pup Needs

Back to School Essentials Every Muddy Pup Needs

Getting your little explorers kitted out for the new (pre)school term has never been easier

Are we the only ones counting how many lazy summer days we have left to enjoy with our muddy pups before they are heading back to the swing of school and everyday routine? As much as we don't want to think about the end of the school holidays, preparation is key when it comes to starting a new (or their very first) school or pre-school term. Read on for our ideas of back to school staples and grab these before the first bell to get your little students' year off to a good start! 

Jumping for Joy Jackets

Every little explorer needs a dependable and durable school jacket. We think only the best will do for our muddy pups meaning lightweight, waterproof but breathable and easy to pack away. Your little explorers need to be kept dry but not sticky so the fabric is really important. Luckily all our lovely waterproof jackets are breathable, keeping little ones happy and comfy all day! We have great options for all kinds of rain and all kinds of adventurers! From the fully lined, super warm and cosy PuddleFlex Jackets (they're brand new, by the way) through to our transitional, pop-of-colour, recycled EcoSplash all the way to layering heroes, our Originals. Read our School Jacket Guide here and take your pick. 

Wonderfully Waterproof Wellies

If you ask any little explorer, they'll tell you that the best part of a rainy day is jumping up and down and splashing in muddy puddles. Now, to do this you'll need the perfect pair of waterproof but comfortable wellies. We have just what they need, our wellies are ready to take your muddy pups through playing hide and seek in the park, stomping through the woods and hopping into puddles, of course. You can choose from the brand new PuddleStomper range with super fun patterns (have you seen the Blue Yellow Lightning Bolt ones?), the polar fleece lined warm and cosy PuddleFlex for colder days, or the classic Originals collection. 

Awesome All-in-Ones

Wrap your little learners head-to-toe into our lovely soft waterproof goodness. Our Puddleflex All-in-Ones are made from a super waterproof fabric with a warm polar fleece lining ideal for pre-schoolers and their first little adventures, walks in a buggy in the pouring rain or being allowed to roam on a muddy track. Another pre-schooler favourite is the EcoSplash All-in-One SplashSuit with a warm lining and fun patterns plus it is so practical and easy to pack away! Both of these come with handy adjustable elastic stirrups to stop the trousers riding up or water getting in. For our big boys and girls we have our super layering-ready Originals. These come in great staple colours (red, blues, green and black) and two styles, all-in-one and bib and brace, so every little learner can find one to suit their favourite adventures. They are great to protect muddy pups from mud and rain and have plenty of room for layers to wear underneath.
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