5 Back to School Essentials for Children

5 Back to School Essentials for Children

Preparation is key when it comes to taking the stress out of getting your children ready for the new school term. Read on for our list of back to school essentials for children.

We are here to help get your little explorers classroom-ready. Take a look at our best picks for the new term and browse our range of back to school essentials.

1) Brilliant waterproof jacket

A reliable waterproof jacket is always on top of our list. It is perfect to keep children warm and dry whatever the weather on the school run or at the playground. A good back to school jacket should be super waterproof, lightweight and breathable, but also warm and easy to put on and take off.

 We have lots of options for your children. Our best-selling PuddleFlex jackets are perfect for school and nursery. Ultra-waterproof (up to 10,000mm), designed for all-day play in heavy rain and super warm, they now come with a handy, detachable hood that your children can remove when it gets too warm outside. Our waterproof (up to 5,000mm) EcoSplash jackets in bright, bold prints are super protective and versatile - they are perfect for active children who love to roam outside come rain or shine. Fleece-lined and toasty, but breathable and super comfortable, they are great for school, playground and outdoor activities. If you need something lightweight, but extra protective, our popular Rainy Day jackets are just the ticket. They have lots of extra room for added layers and are perfectly versatile from late summer all the way to autumn. Looking for an handy, waterproof jacket that can be packed away into its own pocket? Have a look at our brilliant EcoLight raincoats (lined or unlined). They feature a handy carabiner clip and can be securely attached to a backpack so your children are always protected from a sudden downpour.

2) Versatile all-in-ones

Perfect for younger adventurers, our waterproof all-in-ones will keep your children dry and happy come rain or shine. Discover our EcoSplash all-in-one with cosy fleece lining. Super waterproof (up to 5,000mm) and breathable (up to 3,000gm2), it is perfect for tumbling around in even on the rainiest of days. We have added taped seams for extra waterproof protection and fleece lining to make the suit even warmer and toastier. If you're looking for something more protective, have a look at our popular PuddleFlex all-in-one. Ultra-waterproof (up to 10,000mm) and insulated, this puddlesuit is the ultimate piece of outdoor kit for cold days and all-day play in heavy rain. For colder months, we recommend our best selling 3-in-1 Scampsuits. Super warm, waterproof and brilliantly versatile, they are the ultimate autumn-winter outerwear for babies, toddlers and children up to 6 years. Plus, they can be worn 3 different ways - with the inner suit (super warm & waterproof), without the inner suit (waterproof) or the inner suit on its own (cosy and comfy for lounging about).

3) Super waterproof trousers

Nobody likes wet and cold bottoms and legs – especially not when exploring the world is a top priority. Our waterproof trousers are ideal for rainy days, super reliable and splash-proof. We cannot imagine a rainy day without them. Discover our brilliant PuddleFlex insulated trousers that are now available in an even warmer and more protective, insulated version with 160 gm padding. Ultra-waterproof (up to 10,000mm), windproof and with taped seams, they are designed for all kinds of outdoor activities (and school runs) even on the rainiest of days. Our protective PuddleFlex Bib and Brace dungarees with big, handy buckles and adjustable elastic braces are extra warm and reliable, ideal for heavy rain and low temperatures. Are you looking for an unlined, spacious pair of trousers that can be worn over clothing? Have a look at our Rainy Day trousers made from soft, comfortable PU. We have designed them with handy stirrups to hold them securely in place over wellies so no water gets in.

4) Puddle-proof wellies

Who doesn’t love jumping and splashing in muddy puddles? Discover our puddle-proof and reliable wellies, perfect for school or family outdoor adventures. Have a look at our popular Classic wellies designed to keep those little feet dry without interrupting the fun. For colder days, we recommend our fleece-lined PuddleFlex wellies with a faux fur trim and quilted upper and lace tie round the top help keep rain at bay.

5) Toasty thermals

 Perfect for chilly days, our thermal base layers are the perfect layering piece to keep your children warm and happy when it is cold outside. They are made from a super soft fabric that feels great against children's delicate skin. They are breathable and designed to retain heat while wicking away moisture - ideal for active children. Plus, they come in 5 different colours and prints and are machine washable. If you have anything to add to our list of back to school essentials, leave us a comment below.
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