Forestry Commission Autumn Activity Sheets

Forestry Commission Autumn Activity Sheets

Looking for exciting outdoor activities to enjoy with your little explorers this weekend? Here are 6 outdoorsy things to do this autumn.

Our friends at the Forestry Commission have shared with us these fantastic activity sheets to enjoy with your brave explorers this autumn. Read on to find out more about the fun activities they've prepared for you and get outdoors with your muddy gang! 

1) Autumn fruit picking

Enjoy this delicious and healthy activity before blackberries are gone. Go for a family walk, pick some lovely smelling autumn fruit and prepare blackberry pancakes. Not a sweet tooth? Make some blackberry art!

2) Colours of Autumn

How many different colours can you find in the forest? Pick a tree and observe it every week - notice all the little changes as autumn goes on.  

3) Woody word search

Learn more about wood and find as many wooden products as you can in a fun and informative woody wood search. 

4) Conker hunt

Learn more about conkers, make a seed bookmark and go for an exciting conker hunt! How many can you find?  

5) Autumn inspiration

Write an autumn poem, colour in the leaves and describe your autumn feelings.

6) Autumn sensations

Go for a barefoot walk and capture as many autumn sensations as you can.
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