7 Conker Crafts for Children

7 Conker Crafts for Children

Autumn is upon us which means lots of leaves, acorns and conkers are waiting to be transformed into paintings, animals and cheeky little creatures. We've rounded up 7 brilliant conker crafts for children.

Wrap up warm, go for a walk with your little explorers, collect some conkers and enjoy making these lovely and easy autumn crafts.

conker paint rolling

Source: The Imagination Tree

1) Conker paint rolling

You will need: A few conkers, lots of sheets of paper, paint in different colours and a washing up bowl.

Instructions: Place a sheet of paper in the washing up bowl and squeeze in some paint in various colours. - Throw in your conkers and get them rolling to create a painting. Our tip: try out different colours and different sized conkers to make your paintings look even more interesting.

conker spiders craft

Source: Messy Little Monster

2) Conker spiders

You will need: For each spider: a conker, a pair of googly eyes and four pipe cleaners + Glue and a small screwdriver to make a hole in the conker. 

Instructions: Make a hole in each conker - Cut the pipe cleaners in half to create four “legs”. - Thread the pipe cleaners through the hole to create legs. To finish, stick on the googly eyes – your conker spider is ready.

conker snails autumn craft

Source: The Joy of Five

3) Conker snails

You will need: A conker for each snail, modelling clay in different colours. 

Instructions: Roll the modelling clay to create snail’s body and shape the tentacles with your fingers - Place the conker on top to create a shell.

conker pumpkins

Source: The Lightbox

4) Conker Pumpkins

You will need: A few conkers, orange paint (regular paint should be fine, but you can use acrylic paint for better coverage), a green pipe cleaner cut into small pieces, PVA glue, scissors, a paintbrush, a black marker, and googly eyes (optional).

Instructions: Paint the conkers orange. Stick a piece of pipe cleaner on the top of your “pumpkin” to create a stem. Then draw on a spooky face with a black marker or add googly eyes – your conker pumpkins are ready for Halloween!

conker monsters autumn craft

Source: The SEN Resources Blog 

5) Conker monsters

You will need: A few conkers, googly eyes, and craft feathers (optional). 

Instructions: It’s probably the easiest craft idea ever. Simply collect a couple of conkers, add googly eyes, and a colourful feather – your monsters are ready!

conker bats autumn craft

Source: Dairy Diary

6) Conker bats

You will need: A conker for each bat, glue, a piece of black card, a white pencil, scissors, a black marker pen, or googly eyes.

Instructions: Cut the wings out of black card, draw lines on with your white pencil, and glue the conker on top. Draw on eyes with a black marker pen or add googly eyes. Your conker bats are ready!

conker worm autumn craft

Source: Let Them Be Small

7) Conker Caterpillar

You will need: Lots of conkers (as many as you want, depending on the length of your caterpillar), googly eyes, a small screwdriver or a skewer to make holes in the conkers, pipe cleaners, glitter glue to decorate (optional).

Instructions: Make holes in the conkers and pull the pipe cleaner through them. Twist at each end to secure. Add googly eyes on the “head”, and decorate with glitter glue.

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