5 Tips for Building the Ultimate Den

5 Tips for Building the Ultimate Den

With half term approaching, you might be looking for some more inspiring activities to keep your little explorers entertained over the break. As lovers of all things outdoors, we are setting you a challenge to build the ultimate den in your garden or further afield.

Den building is an excellent team building activity which can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere at any time. Read on to find out our top tips on creating the perfect den and what makes it the ultimate outdoor activity for children!

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

1) Pick your spot

Planning is everything! Think carefully where you can build your den, we love an adventure so why not try and find a space in a forest clearing? Forests and woodlands are fantastic places to immerse yourself in to create a secret shelter. Look for flat, grassy land and avoid slopes – we find this works best!

2) Materials to use

It’s time to scavenge! Create your den using natural materials from the area. Look out for living Y shaped trees - these can work wonders! Use long and strong branches to structure your den and ferns and moss for your roof and walls. Encourage children not to break trees or damage trees but to collect loose items that are on the floor, this will protect local wildlife habitats. 

3) Building your den

Lean and weave your collected items into the tree, try to fill as much of the space as possible, this will ensure that your shelter is strong and won’t be damaged in any blustery British weather! Use a compass, and if possible have your door facing south to get plenty of sun light into your den. Top tip - Tipi shaped dens work well as you can easily lean branches into a central point.

4) Teamwork

Den building is an excellent activity for introducing children to teamwork; encourage them to work and build the den all together. They can move and lift the materials with one another, explore the space, interact with nature and learn how to negotiate, problem solve, manage and work as a team. This activity is amazing to watch, children’s imaginations will run wild!

5) Enjoying the den

At Muddy Puddles we believe that children come alive outside and it's super important to give children the opportunities to learn and play outdoors through brilliant outdoor ideas and creating stimulating play opportunities. Den building is a great example and will provide hours of fun!
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