5 Ways to Celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Did you know today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day? It's a great opportunity to combine two of our favourite things the magical outdoors and lovely stories.

So to celebrate the day and in the build up to World Book Day read on for our 5 top suggestions for ways to roll fairy tales and nature in to one lovely activity…

1. Take a walk in the woods

Some of the best fairy tales are set in the woods from Hansel and Gretel to Little Red Riding Hood. One of the best ways to make a long walk whizz by is to tell a story as you go along. As your children's wellies stomp along the tracks spin a well-loved tale and use the nature around you to make it come alive. Maybe you will spot evidence of the Gingerbread House or the track Puss in Boots took towards as he headed to the city. Then add some props, sticks as swords to fight off the baddies.

2. Bedtime story outdoors

This might be one to save until the weather turns a little less icy but another way to break the boundaries and make story time seem wild is to take story time outside. Choose a couple of fairy tales you would normally read to your children when tucked up in bed, grab a rug and pull on your coats and head for the nearest nature space. Listening to the adventures of the Snow Queen or the Little Match Girl in the fresh air adds an exciting element to your children's bedtime routine. 

3. Role-playing outside

Make the fairy tale come true in your garden or local outdoor space. Encourage your children to act out their favourite fairy tale in the open air. It's fun and exciting but it's also a great way to boost their self-confidence. Find some home made props to help them dress up like their favourite characters (and if it is still this chilly slip on their cosy thermals underneath)! If there is time help them to build a den or a fort out of sticks or hideout in the bushes to make it all come alive.

4. Make an outing to find a story

Take a walk to the nearest library or your favourite bookshop to stretch your legs and excite the imagination. Pick a story to read while you're there before heading home. Then if you are feeling like a Super Mum or Dad you can finish your afternoon with some home-made, fairy-tale themed snacks (edible fairy wands or fun sandwiches will do great). 

5. Make up your own fairy tale

Nature is one of the best props for your little poppets incredible imagination. If you are tired of spinning a yarn about the Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks and the Three Bears use a walk and your surroundings to make up your own fairy tale. Before you start it can seem daunting but one seed of an idea can lead to a magical tale. You won't need to prepare anything as your kids will find all the necessary accessories in nature! Sticks, twigs, flowers, shells, stones can becomes wands, crowns, magic potions and tools. Take it in turns to add the next chapter of the story as you meander along. Do let us know if you have any other ideas related to Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Have you ever heard of it? How would you like to celebrate it?
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