7 healthy eating tips for toddlers

7 healthy eating tips for toddlers

It’s hard getting little ones to eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad, isn’t it? Snacks and treats always seem to be loaded with sugar or they’re really high in calories.

Our friends from Claudi and Fin, producers of naturally delicious, award-winning frozen lollies, have shared with us some brilliant healthy eating tips for toddlers. Read on to learn more and discover which snacks are the best for your little adventurers :) 

1. Choose healthier snacks

Not always easy, but try to avoid snacks that are crammed full of sugar, salt and additives. They might fill a gap in the short term, but they can play havoc with blood sugar levels, causing a crash in energy just a short time afterwards. Yoghurts, fruit or vegetables and hummus are great choices, but if you are out and about you could try things like popcorn instead of crisps or lower sugar treats like Little Dish’s Go-Go’s instead of biscuits

2. Eat together

Make mealtimes a family affair. Seeing good eating habits from other members of the family will encourage little ones to eat well.

3. If you have a fussy eater, hide lots of vegetables in pasta sauces and soups

Start off chopping really small and as they get used to the flavours, slowly increase the size of the vegetables so they understand that a healthy, balanced diet has to include ‘green stuff 

4. Let the curiosity take over

Just because a child refuses a particular food, don’t let that stop you from serving a small amount of it to them. Often children refuse food based on how it looks and the more normal a wide variety of food becomes, the more likely it is that curiosity will eventually get the better of them and they’ll actually eat it

5. Take your time

We seem to rush around trying to fit so much into our days. Take some time to eat and don’t put pressure of little ones to hurry. From our experience, it’ll only backfire! 

6. Keep them hydrated

If littles ones are continually asking for snacks, offer water. Often they’re just thirsty.

7. Get creative and have fun.

There are some great toddler/foodie websites with fab things to do in the kitchen. Get them involved and worry about the mess later. 


Claudi & Fin’s Greek style frozen yoghurt lollies are perfect for health conscious parents who regularly find themselves on the losing side of the snack battle.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, they’re bursting with tonnes of real fruit, whole milk and Greek Style yoghurt, and contain less sugar than most ice-creams and a lot of yoghurts. They’re even fortified with Vitamin D, to ensure your little one gets a daily dose of the sunshine vitamin! The award-winning lollies, available in Strawberry, Mango and Peach & Apricot, were created by two mums who were frustrated in their search for healthy lollies for their children. Founders Meriel Kehoe and Lucy Woodhouse have grown the brand to include new rocket shaped Mini lollies, perfect for little hands and tiny tummies.

Meriel Kehoe (in Black top) and Lucy Woodhouse (light colour top) set up their frozen yoghurt business called Claudi & Fin named after their own children after wanting to feed them healthy treats. The business has gone from strength to strength after 4 years of trading and now turns over £1.28 million a year
Do you have any great healthy eating tips for the little ones you'd like to share? Leave us a comment below! <3
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