KS1 English - Literacy - Tell a tale trail

KS1 English - Literacy - Tell a tale trail

Learning Objectives

Reading – Comprehension - becoming very familiar with key stories, fairy stories and traditional tales, retelling them and considering their particular characteristics


Chalk in different colours, seat pads


Talk about fairy tales with your class, and re tell The Three Little Pigs. Ask the children as you are reading, to tell you what comes next, and what the sequence of the story is. Take the children outside on to the playground, and allow the children to sit down on their seat pads.


On the playground, draw a winding path. At the beginning of the path, draw a visual clue of the first event, using the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Ask the children tell what happened first, second, etc and then draw the visual clues. On one side of the path draw the three bowls of porridge and on the other side – the three bears. Next draw the table with the three bowls and a girl, then add the three chairs and the three beds to signal that the bears return, draw the three bears and repeat the sequence of events. The last image should be the window that Goldilocks jumped out of and ran away. After the story is drawn, let the children colour it in and add any missing details. When finished, children can walk the Storytelling Pathway and ask the children to retell the story!


Split the children into groups of two or three, offer them the chalks and allow them to create their own story telling path about another fairy tale, or draw another path with images to represent a person, a problem, an object and a feeling, and together create a whole new story

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