EYFS – Art – Colour Chart

EYFS – Art – Colour Chart

Learning Objective

To experiment with colour


-Green, red and brown paint sample charts


Play the rainbow game! 1. Sing the rainbow song “Red and yellow and pink and green! Purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow! Sing a rainbow! Sing a rainbow too!” 2. Ask children to find an object in the forest for each colour e.g. a red flower, a green leaf


-Give each child a green paint sample chart, and find objects that match each of the colours Extension task: Give each child a brown sample chart, and ask children match different shades of brown to different types of wood they can find.


Talk about Autumn. What differences do they notice? What new colours do you see? Give children a red paint sample chart and ask them if they can find any leaves to match the colours.
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