EYFS - Art - Summer Sun Prints

EYFS - Art - Summer Sun Prints

Learning Objectives

Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Being Imaginative


Sun print paper, natural materials such as leaves, flowers and feathers, scissors, large bowl of water, bubble mixture, lemon juice.

Introduction Activity

Do some paint printing with the children, using potatoes, hands, feet and other printing materials.


Take the children to a spot where they can site comfortably in the shade, and access all the natural materials. Show them the magical sun print paper – and an example of a print that has already been created. Explain that they will be making their own sun prints. Ask the children to arrange the leaves, flowers and whatever else your children find on the paper. Then put a clear acrylic sheet (which should come with the paper) over the objects before going back into the sun to secure the items while they are processing. Leave the paper in the sun for three to five minutes, or until it turns a very light blue. Put the papers into a tub of water for one minute. To get a deeper shade of blue, added a few drops of lemon juice to the water. After the prints have soaked for a minute, let them dry on a towel. Once completely dry, you can press them in a book for a day or so to make sure they stay flat.


Ask the children to then recreate their sun print, and stick down the item they used on normal paper, and then stick both prints in to a book. Allow space underneath and support the children to make marks to name their pictures, or scribe for them. Alternatively, use the sun print pictures to create bunting, or create a class book!

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