EYFS - Literacy – April Letter Hunt

EYFS - Literacy – April Letter Hunt

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Learning Objectives

- To use phonic knowledge


- Plastic letters (hidden around the forest area) – mixture of vowels, consonants

- Large stickers with phonemes children are learning written on them

- Ball


- Explain that the Easter Bunny got a bit confused this year. He accidentally hid letters next to the easter eggs and now he can’t remember where he hid them!

- Ask children to go on a ‘Sound Hunt’ and try and find as many letters as they can.

- When children have found a sufficient amount, ask children to try and make words out of the letters that they found.


- Give each child a sticker with a phoneme written on it e.g oa, ch, er - Make sure they stick the sticker on their top in a way that everyone can see it - Ask children to stand in a circle and go around the circle saying their phoneme out loud when it gets to their turn - Introduce the children to the game “Pass the Phoneme” - the teacher says a phoneme e.g. er and throws a ball to the child wearing a sticker with ‘er’ written on it. The teacher then says another phoneme e.g. oa, and the child with the ‘er’ sticker now needs to throw the ball to the child wearing the ‘oa’ sticker. Play continues in this way.

Extension Task

Tell the children that the Easter Bunny is very thankful to them, and thinks they are all very good at their phonics and would like to hear some more. Ask the children to think of a word using the phoneme written on their sticker.

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