EYFS - Literacy – Welly Walks

EYFS - Literacy – Welly Walks

Learning Objectives

ELG - Listening and attention


- The Listening Walk by Paul Showers

- Camera

- Paper, pencils

- Welly boots

Introduction Activity

Read The Listening Walk with the group. Discuss the story, and talk together about the walk to school, nursery or a walk the children have been on recently. What did they hear?


Take the children on a short walk around the school grounds.

The first walk should be at a normal pace, allowing the children to chat and ask if they can hear sounds. At the end of the walk, ask the children what they heard and record what they mention, in their own words.

Then take the walk again, but this time walk very slowly, and ask the children to be as quiet as possible and stop put their hands up when they hear a sound.

Record what sound they heard, and ask the children what they thought the sound was. Ask a teaching or nursery assistant to take pictures as you walk around the school grounds.

When back from the second walk, discuss with the children what they heard on the second walk. Did they hear more? What was different? The second walk should have resulted in the children hearing more sounds, and record their observations.

Extension Activity

Print out the pictures, and scribe with the children their own version of The Listening Walk, sticking in the pictures and including your observations.

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