EYFS – Maths – Creating Shapes

EYFS – Maths – Creating Shapes

Download Our EYFS - Creating Shapes Worksheet Here

Learning Objective

To explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.


- Lots of sticks

- Masking tape

Introduction Activity

We’re going on a shape hunt! – ask children to try and think of as many shapes as they can

Encourage children to think about how many straight lines these shapes have, if any. Remind children of the correct names of the shapes.


- Ask children to collect sticks in the garden (encourage them to find straight ones that are about the same length).

- Ask children to create a 2-D shape on the floor using their sticks. When they have finished creating their shapes, ask them to count up the number of sides of their shape, and write that number next to it in the mud using a stick.

- Extension task: Ask children to try and build a 3-D shape using masking tape to attach their sticks together.

- Get children to work together to create an enormous square using all their sticks. Sit in the square to share a story or have a sandwich!

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