Geo Boards - EYFS Maths

Geo Boards - EYFS Maths

Early Learning Goal - EYFS Maths

The children recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.


Round discs of wood, approx. 10cm in diameter


Round head nails

Safety glasses

Elastic bands in different shapes and sizes

Hoop and string and ribbons in different colours


Have a ratio of 1:4 maximum, and after completing a risk assessment, show the hammer, the wood and the nails to the children. Ensure the children have plenty of space, and a level working area, such as a large stump to work on. Show the children the head of the hammer, the handle, and the claw, and demonstrate the safe way to hold the hammer, to use the hammer, to move the hammer, and where to put the hammer when they have finished the task.


Offer the nails to the children and supervise them closely as each child individually takes a turn of holding a nail in place on the wooden disk, and then to hammer the nail in, leaving approx. 2cm of the nail above the surface of the wood. Allow them to put around 10 – 12 nails in, and allow the children to choose the pattern in which they do this. If preferred, marks can be made in advance on the wood for the positioning of the nails.

Once each child has completed their disc, offer the elastic bands to the children and demonstrate how they can arrange the bands in different shapes.

Allow the children time to arrange the bands and play with the discs and shapes, observing the use of mathematical language and recognition of shapes they create.


Using the hoop, give the children time and support if needed to weave the string across and over the hoop, and ask the children if they can spot any other shapes. Weave in items found in the area, such as leaves and sticks and feathers.

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