Knickerbocker Glory Recipe With Jude’s

Knickerbocker Glory Recipe With Jude’s

Summer is in full swing and with the School Holidays just around the corner we have the perfect sweet treat to cool you and your little ones down on hot days. Our friends at Jude’s are the experts when it comes to ice cream, and their Knickerbocker Glory recipe is sure to bring a smile to faces young and old.

An unashamedly retro sundae, this recipe harks back to the days when kids’ eyes popped out of their heads at the sight of tall sundae glasses filled to the brim with all manner of sweet treats. This glorious glory unites strawberries, marshmallows, vanilla ice cream and anything extra anyone fancies. There’s a reason this recipe has stood the test of time – it elicits pure joy.

Read on for the super simple recipe, and get the children involved too, they’ll love adding the marshmallows and wafers.

This recipe makes 2 Knickerbocker Glory’s. If you’re making more than two just increase the quantities accordingly.


  • 6 large strawberries (4 halved and hulled, and 2 left whole for decoration)
  • 2 tablespoons of Jude’s strawberry coulis
  • 6 scoops of Jude’s vanilla clotted cream ice cream
  • 6 large marshmallows
  • 2 fan wafers
  • Place half a strawberry at the base of each sundae glass
  • Pour over a little of the strawberry coulis
  • Top with one scoop of ice cream
  • Add a large marshmallow
  • Repeat until you reach the top of your sundae glass
  • Add a whole strawberry to the top for decoration
  • Finish your sundae with a fan wafer
  • Serve immediately
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