Guide To Our Recycled Fabric

Guide To Our Recycled Fabric

Each year, the amount of single-use plastic which is thrown away could circle the Earth four times, and only 1/3 of plastic packaging used in the UK is recycled. Here at Muddy Puddles, we’re committed to making our products as planet friendly as we possibly can, and we’re proud to say that 73% of our clothing collection is made from recycled plastic bottles.

For over 5 years we have been using recycled polyester, made from single-use plastic bottles, for our high-performance outerwear collection, and we’ve more recently turned to recycled polyester for our UPF50+ swimwear collection too. Turning post-consumer plastic into eye-catching clothing for children is a really clever process, so read on to find out how it works.

Turning plastic bottles into recycled fabric

  1. The plastic bottles are sorted at a recycling facility where they are sterilized, thoroughly cleaned, dried and their labels are removed
  2. The bottles are separated by colour and go into a grinder where they are ground into small chips
  3. The chips are heated, dried, and passed through hot pipes that melt them into a liquid
  4. The fibres this creates are then hardened and sent over air rollers to create yarn
  5. The machine spools the yarn and stretches it
  6. This yarn is then dyed, and made into bales, ready to be woven into the polyester fabric we use to make the outer shells of our waterproofs

How many plastic bottles do we use?

10 plastic bottles can create 1lb (0.45kg) of polyester fibre, and recycling plastic bottles takes 8 times less energy than creating new ones. Our bestselling EcoLight Jacket is made from approximately 32 plastic bottles – that’s 32 bottles away from landfill and our beautiful oceans, and instead being put to use keeping your children warm and dry.

EcoLight Puddlesuit – approximately 36 plastic bottles

EcoLight Jacket – approximately 32 plastic bottles

Waterproof Robe – approximately 92 plastic bottles

What do our customers think?

"Finally, a company that not only uses recycled material for their products but also uses paper for packaging and no plastic bags!!! Thank you Muddy Puddles!!"

Vanessa, Feefo

“Brilliant website. Delighted with our purchases. Excellent quality. Really like the fact that we are buying something which makes use of recycled plastic. Fast and efficient delivery”

Tracey, Feefo

“Fantastic selection. I was really impressed by their recycled material range. I was also thrilled when the package arrived in recyclable/biodegradable packaging.”

Amy, Feefo

What is our next step?

We’re passionate about the environment and are constantly looking for ways to make our business and products more sustainable. The majority of our clothing is made from recycled plastic, and by 2025 our goal is to use recycled materials for our accessories and footwear too.

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