How to Keep Warm in Wellies: Top Tips

How to Keep Warm in Wellies: Top Tips

On cold Winter days it could not be more crucial to keep warm in wellies. Little toes turning to ice blocks only leads to cries of ‘when are we going home?’ and ‘will you carry me?’

We caught up with our Chief Mudder Natasha, for her top tips on how to keep children's feet warm in wellies.

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I remember going out on long walks as a child with freezing toes and then making the mistake of jumping off a log on to the hard ground. Pain would go whizzing through my toes and feet. Then when I got home I would put my feet up against the radiator when I got home to warm them up. There followed the throbbing feeling in your feet as the blood came back in to them while you thawed. All in all it was a pretty unpleasant sensation.

With the endeavour to stop the cold toe cycle for my children here are my tips for how to keep warm in wellies. Firstly I am a big fan of layers. It means that it is best to have wellies that are slightly large rather than a bit too small. Make sure your children are wearing normal socks and then merino children's welly socks that keep in the warmth and wick away any moisture. This is particularly good as little feet that get hot and sweaty and then cold and damp can be even colder!

The next question is which kids wellies to choose. We have two types of wellies that are unlined and ideal if you do not have too many cold days per year. Our super sturdy classic wellies in navy or green which last and last! Or our lovely bright print rubber wellies with supportive heels and grippy soles.

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If you live further North where winter means winter we have two choices for children’s wellies. A Muddy Puddles classic are our Puddleflex wellies with insulated lining, faux fur waterproof drawstring top. These are completely brilliant for winter walks and keep feet really warm, particularly if they are worn with our super warm children’s ski socks!

Lots of customers have told us how much they love them like this lovely Mummy who said:

"Great boots for keeping little feet dry warm and snuggly! Lovely colour and great idea to have the drawstring at the top to keep the water out!"

The last option that is sure to keep feet warm are our children’s snow boots. With a galvanised, waterproof rubber foot and protective vegan suede upper these boots look amazing and work brilliantly on winter walks or out in deep snow. Children can slip their feet in to the removable insulated inner lining with Sherpa upper that makes sure no icy temperatures can get in. There is no need to worry about tying laces as the boots have an elasticated drawstring that works brilliantly to secure the snow boots and off you go on outdoor adventures.

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