KS2 – Literacy – February Story Writing

KS2 – Literacy – February Story Writing

Download Our Key Stage 2 – Literacy – February Story Writing Worksheet Here

Learning Objectives

- To plan their writing by identifying the audience for and purpose of the writing

- To note and develop initial ideas, drawing on reading and research

- To consider how authors have developed characters and settings


- The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

- Stick man by Julia Donaldson

- Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

Introduction Activity

- Share stories from the selection above

- Discuss how the forest setting played a role in the stories

Pick and tell

-Ask each child to explore the forest and find three items that interest them

-Put all the items in a big bag

-Pass the bag around and ask each child to pull out an object and then give them a few minutes to think about its role in a story

-Start a snowball story with ‘Once upon a time, a group of children visited a forest/wood…’

-Ask each child in turn to add a few words or sentences to the story inspired by their natural object.

-Start a new story with a different opener, and with new objects when the first one is finished. You can keep going for as long as you want!

Extension Activity

- Ask children to create a character out of natural objects, and describe their personality and how they ended up in the forest. - Ask children why writers’ like using a forest as a story setting. Ask children to choose a word that best describes the setting. Make note of these words for follow up work in the classroom.
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