KS2 – Maths – Marvellous Multiple Numbers

KS2 – Maths – Marvellous Multiple Numbers

Learning Objective

To count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100


Matchbox for each child


Sit in a circle and practise counting in 4, 8, 50 and 100 (or whichever set of numbers is appropriate for your class)


Matchbox challenge: Give each child a matchbox. Give them 15 minutes to fill their matchbox with as many forest treasures as they can find e.g. leaf, feather, blade of grass. At the end of the game, ask children to count the objects in their matchbox. You can decide whether each item is worth 4, 8, 50 or 100 points. Children need to count the objects using the counting skills from the starter. The winner is the child with the most points!


Look at a nearby tree and ask children to estimate how many leaves are on the tree. Ask them – if each leaf was worth 100 points, how many points would you have if you could fit them all in a massive matchbox!
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