KS2 – Maths – Measure & Compare

KS2 – Maths – Measure & Compare

Download Our KS2 Maths - Measure & Compare Worksheet Here

Learning Objective

To measure, compare, add and subtract lengths (m/cm/mm)


- Chalk

- Measuring tapes

- Paper

- Wax crayons


Ask children to find their favourite tree. Ask them to explain their choice and describe their tree. They could collect leaves from it, and make a bark rubbing using wax crayons and paper, to share with the group.


Find the approximate age of their favourite tree! - Ask children to come up with ideas about how to find the age of their tree - With a measuring tape, measure from the ground up to 1.5 metres and make a mark with chalk on the tree. Measure the circumference of the tree at this height. Divide the circumference measurement by 2.5cm to get the approximate age of the tree (so if a tree is 50cm wide, it is roughly 20 years old) - Ask children to estimate the circumference of the trees before measuring?

Extension Task

- Find a tree stump and count the rings to find out exactly how old the tree was when it was cut down. The most recent rings are nearest the bark and the oldest nearer the centre. The study of the rings of trees is called dendrochronology.

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