KS2 – Maths – Stick Place Value

KS2 – Maths – Stick Place Value

Download our Key Stage 2 – Maths – Stick Place Value Worksheet Here

Learning Objectives

- To recognise the place value of each digit in a four digit number

- To order and compare numbers beyond 1000

- To find 1000 more and less than a given number

- To count in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000



-Dice (one per pair)


- Play Fizz Buzz! Choose a multiplication table to start with e.g. 6.

- Get the children to stand in a circle. Choose one child to start counting from ‘1’. The child to his left then counts ‘2’. The next child counts ‘3’ and so on. When the children reach a multiple of ‘6’ they have to say “BUZZ”. The sequence should therefore go like this: 1…2…3…4…5…BUZZ…7…8…9…10…11… BUZZ…13.

- You can go up as high as the children can manage.

- You can also make it more complicated by focusing on two multiplication tables e.g. 6 and 9. When the children reach a multiple of ‘9’ they need to say FIZZ.

- When they reach a number that is multiple of both ‘6’ and ‘9’ (say ’18’) – the child who gets it would need to say “FIZZ BUZZ”


Dicey Operations

-Put children into pairs and give each pair a dice.

-They need to find a stick and draw a set of four boxes as in the image below in the mud or sand. Alternatively they could make four boxes using sticks.

-Children take turns to roll the dice and decide which of the four boxes to fill with the number they get. Children do this four times until all the boxes are full e.g. one child might get 4592 and the other might get 8976.

-The winner is the person with the largest number e.g. 8976.

-Children can then repeat the game using strategies they learnt from the first round e.g. think carefully where to put large and small numbers.

-This game is easily adapted. You could get children to try and make the smallest 4 digit number they can. Or agree on a target number – say 1000 – with the winner being the person who makes a number closest to the target number

Extension task

-Ask children to share their strategies for winning Dicey Operations -Ask children to recall the last number they made and ask them what would be one thousand one more and one thousand less than that number.
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