KS1 – Maths – Chalk me up!

KS1 – Maths – Chalk me up!

Download Our KS1 - Maths - Chalk me up Worksheet Here

Learning Objective

- Compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights

- Measure and begin to record the following: lengths and heights


4 lengths of string, approx. 2 metres in length

Measuring tape





Introduction Activity

Ask the children to get in to height order. Discuss who is taller, shorter. Discuss together how they can measure and record each other’s height. Explain they are going to make a record of the class heights.

Always growing like weeds

- Line up the children in their height order. - With another adult, measure the children and record the measurement and the child’s name on the playground. - Ask the children in their line, to record both the name of the child and the height of each child in their class on their paper. - Then divide the class in to four groups and give them some chalk and a measuring tape. They must choose a height of person in their group, choose a vertical surface such as a tree, a fence or a wall, and mark the measurement, and check if they are right by marking the height again with the person standing against the surface. Take pictures of the children for recording and evidencing. - Ask the children to write on their papers, the names and heights of the tallest and smallest in the class. - Explain they are going to take these sheets on to their next year group and repeat the activity, and see if the measurements have changed after the summer holidays!


Give the children in their groups the string and a pen. Ask them to find a tree in the school grounds and in close proximity and in your sight. They need to use the string to wrap around the tree and mark where the string touches with the pen. Then together, using the measuring tape, measure the string to the marks, and ask the children to name and record the measurements. Which is the widest?
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