Leaf Shaped - Foundation Stage Numeracy

Leaf Shaped - Foundation Stage Numeracy

Download our EYFS Numeracy - Leaf Shaped worksheet here

Learning Objective: Foundation Stage Numeracy

Maths Shapes - Describe and name 2D Shapes


  • Lots and lots of autumn leaves, waterproof clothing
  • Laminated pictures of 2d shapes – circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, oval
  • Long lengths (at least 2 m) of cord or rope


Divide the class in to groups of three or four. Go to an area that has fallen leaves on the ground and ask the children to collect the leaves and make a big pile. Look together at some of the leaves and talk about the different shapes some of the leaves are – some will be oval, some will be star shaped, and can the children tear the leaves to make other shapes like circles and triangles?


Each group of children will need a large pile of leaves. Arrange the pile of leaves on the ground, and show each group a shape card. Ask each group to make the shape on the card inside the pile of leaves, by moving the leaves to show the empty space of grass as the shape.

Allow at least two minutes for each shape, and talk about how many sides each shape has whilst the children are creating the shape inside the pile of leaves.

Photograph the shapes in the piles of leaves. After all the shapes have been made by the groups, then ask the children to see if they can make them again, this time by arranging individual leaves to make the shapes.

Then come together as a group and create the shapes as a group with the rope, asking the children to fill in the empty space with the leaves, and take some pictures of the lovely shapes.


Ask the children to pick up a few leaves each and come together as a group, and go to the playground with the leaves.

Holding up the cards again, make the shapes on the card by standing as a group in that shape and ask the children to place a leaf on the ground where they stand.

Step away and look and photograph the giant shapes the leaves have made!

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