EYFS – English – Leaf Reading

EYFS – English – Leaf Reading

Download Our EYFS – English – Leaves reading Worksheet Here

Learning Objectives

Literacy – Reading – comprehension

To use phonic knowledge and read some common irregular words


- Leaves with mixture of sounds and common irregular words written on them in marker pen eg. the, said and you

- Sight word cards


Put all the pre-written leaves in a bag, and ask children to pick out a leaf and ask them to read the sound or word according to the ability of the children


Sight Word Scavenger Hunt - Hide sight words cards (or cards with specific phonic sounds for very young children) all over the learning area - Go over common sight words with the children before the activity - Shout out a common sight word (or sound), and ask children to search the area for the matching card Top tip! It might be best to split large groups up into small groups, and hide cards in slightly different designated areas.

Extension task

Hide cards with individual sounds. Ask children to make a common sight word by finding the correct sounds and putting them together in the correct order.


Ask children to choose another leaf from the bag (only use leaves with phonic sounds written on them). Ask children to look around the forest and think of something that starts with the sound they pick e.g. f – flower, t – tree, th – thistle
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