Loads of Leaves - Key Stage 1 Numeracy

Loads of Leaves - Key Stage 1 Numeracy

Download our KS1 Numeracy - Loads of Leaves worksheet here

Learning Objective: Key Stage 1 Numeracy

Statistics – Interpret and construct simple pictogram, tally charts and simple diagrams. Ask and answer simple questions by counting the number of objects in each category and sorting the categories by quantity. 


  • Tarp 3m x 4m, stones to weigh down

  • Permanent marker

  • Leaves in different colours

  • Measuring tape

  • Rope or cord


Remind children of what a tally chart is, by taking the class outside, and modelling a tally chart on the ground with chalk, by counting and recording the different hair colours of the children.


Group the class together in an area in the school grounds that has a large quantity of fallen leaves. Divide the class in to groups of four or five, and ask them to measure and mark with the rope an area 50 cm by 50 cm.

Ask them to sort the leaves in their marked area by colour in to piles, and using their paper and pencils, record the different colours of leaves, and record with tally marks the quantity in each colour.

Once the children have collected the data, gather them together on the playground, and ask each group to create a large scale tally chart on the playground with the chalk. Take photographs of each groups tally chart to include in their maths books.


Ask each group to use their data and challenge them to display the data in a different way – can they make a pictogram on the playground with the same data? Discuss together the different results in each group, and gather all the groups data together to make a giant class tally chart.

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