Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

Why not plan some fun crafting activities with the children this year. Read on and use our handy step-by-step guide to create your very own Christmas tree decorations.

Excitement has struck; it’s just a matter of days until the Christmas holidays begin, soon your little ones will be off for two whole weeks. You’ve got plenty prepared for the big day, but how will you keep them entertained (and calm) in the build up? We’ve got the solution. Head out for a lovely winter walk (don't forget to keep your little ones warm) to gather natural materials, make some yummy hot chocolate and get crafting with your children to make your own Christmas tree decorations.

prima twig christmas tree decoration

Photo Credit: Prima

Make Mini Christmas Tree Decorations

With a quick trip into the outdoors, you can collect materials to make your very own mini twig tree! Super simple to make and good fun too. Read on to find out how to make mini Christmas trees.

Materials Needed

  • Twigs of different sizes
  • Twine or string
  • Glue/ glue gun
  • Glitter/paint/tinsel


Take a trip into nature and visit your local forest or woodland. Collect as many different sized sticks as possible. Aim to find ones which differ in length. Begin finding longer sticks, eventually getting shorter and shorter. Depending on how many sticks you have collected, and how big you want your tree to be, find a long flat stick for your base. (You could also use cardboard). Stick your twigs to your base: Use your longer twigs at the bottom and then shorter ones as you move up the base. You may need to snap or cut the twigs as you go. Take your twine and tie it into a loop that is big enough to hang from your tree. Attach this to your base with glue. Finish by decorating with glitter, paint or your smaller Christmas craft creations!

christmas tree decoration star

Make a Christmas Star

If you’re looking to add to the festivities around your house, why not make a Christmas star? On your next winter stroll, pick up some sticks to create this crackin’ Christmas star! They look lovely and are super simple to make. Craft them into different sizes to decorate your tree or display them around your home. 

Materials needed

  • Twigs and sticks
  • Elastic bands or string
  • Winter nature items (berries, leaves, holly)
  • Glue


Begin by collecting 6 twigs from your local park or green space. The sticks should be a similar diameter as a pencil and should all be the same length. Fashion your sticks into a star shape. To do this, begin by taking 3 sticks and create 2 triangle shapes. Fasten each corner together with your elastic bands or string, securing each corner tightly. Once you have 2 equal triangles, turn one upside down so the point is facing towards you. Place the other triangle over the top with the point facing away from you. Fasten again to create your star shape. Tie a loop in some string and glue to the point of the star. Glue your nature items to the star to decorate.
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