How To Look After Your Muddy Puddles Kit

How To Look After Your Muddy Puddles Kit

Growing up is an exciting adventure and we’re here to help your young adventurers make the most of the great outdoors.

Our outerwear is designed to keep little ones warm and happy, wash clean and get muddy all over again! Every piece is created with practicality and bold explorers in mind and is built to last.

We’ve rounded up a handy guide on how to look after your Muddy Puddles kit and make the most of it. Every piece we create is durable, unisex and designed to be passed on to someone smaller.

1) Taking care of your kit

 Outerwear Our clothes are machine washable and easy to clean. If you look after them, they will look great and last for years. We say no to disposable clothing culture and we're all about high performance outerwear which can be handed down and serve as many young explorers as possible. Here are a few tips on how to keep your clothes in good condition:
  • Remember not to use fabric softener as it reduces the effectiveness of the waterproof finish.
  • Leave the clothes to dry naturally and never dry them with direct heat.
  • Do not wash inside out
  • Do not store damp
  • Remove fur trim before washing
  • Wash dark colours separately
 Welly care To keep your children's wellies in excellent condition for a long time, always wipe them clean after use using water and leave to dry away from direct sunlight or artificial heat sources. After cleaning, apply a protective spray. If you follow this simple routine every couple of weeks, depending on the amount of wear, and your boots will last months, even years longer. Store your boots in a cool, well ventilated place, away from strong light. Do not leave on a radiator or boiler to 'dry' – or outside in the cold. Varying temperature will dry and crack the rubber, especially if a protective spray is not used on a regular basis.

2) How to wear your Muddy Puddles clothes - layers, layers, layers...

To keep your adventurers warm in cold weather, start any outfit with cosy base layers. Layering is the key to keeping warm. Before choosing your outer layers, start with thermal base layers. Thermal tops and bottoms keep in the heat for long hours, wick the moisture away from the skin and make children feel snuggly and comfortable. Add a warm jumper on top of base layers and finish with a windproof and waterproof jacket that children can take off easily when it gets warm. We recommend a protective ski jacket or a parka for colder days and a handy, packable rain-proof mac for warmer months. For head to toe waterproof protection, our Originals range is fabulous for handing out before adventurous activities. These colourful, ultra-waterproof trousers, jackets, all-in-ones are perfect for preventing wet clothes and saving young puddle jumpers from getting soaked in the rain. They are all unlined and can be worn comfortably over clothing. Once all muddy and wet, simply pop them in the washing machine. Our handy scampsuits come with a removable fleece under layer, so it can be worn with both layers during the winter and without the fleece when it’s much too warm for thick layers. You can also even wear the fleece on its own. Muddy Puddles outerwear is super versatile and can be worn in all types of weather. Our range always includes clothes for chilly and warmer days and some brilliant mid-season jackets great for colder mornings and sunny afternoons.

3) Hand me down

 Our sizing is pretty generous which means there is always “growing room” and our clothes can be used for longer than just one season. However, little explorers grow up (too) fast and they will quickly need a new kit. Every Muddy Puddles product is created with practicality and outdoor adventures in mind and can be passed from sisters to brothers, from older to younger siblings or friends. Our clothes are meant to be handed down, that’s why we love bright, unisex prints that both girls and boys will love. Our kit is made from high quality, durable fabric and can withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor play and washing. When your children grow out of their Muddy Puddles outerwear, simply hand their clothes down to someone smaller or donate them to a charity. Even if worn every day, our kit will be handed down in perfect condition.

4) Be kind to the environment

At Muddy Puddles we are highly aware that the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. One of our objectives is to make our products more sustainable. That’s why we’re so excited about our recycled EcoSplash range. These planet-friendly, bright and bold jackets, all-in-ones and dungarees are made using recycled plastic bottles. We remove plastic from landfill and turn it into lovely and protective outerwear. To make the most of your Muddy Puddles kit and to help the planet, look after your children’s outerwear so that it lasts through multiple seasons and pass it own

5) Get muddy!

 Our clothes are designed to get muddy and encourage young adventurers to explore the great outdoors whatever the weather. Messy, muddy play benefits children and we believe that all the young explorers out there should enjoy the great outdoors as often as they can! Let little ones make a mud pie, roll down a hill or jump in puddles – our outerwear is made for messy outdoor activities and are ready to be put to test. Any questions or concerns? We're here to help. Email us at
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