KS2 - Maths – Quarter Masters

KS2 - Maths – Quarter Masters

Learning Objectives


- Recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity

- Recognise, find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity

- Pupils connect halves and quarters to the equal sharing and grouping of sets of objects and to measures, as well as recognising and combining halves and quarters as parts of a whole.


- Chalk

- Sticks

- Square cardboard boxes

- Selection of natural materials in outside area, such as leaves, flowers, sticks

Introduction Activity

Divide the class in to two groups, or half a class.

Give each group a stick, and ask one group to break the stick in half, the other in to quarters.

Then ask the class to divide itself in to 4 quarters.


Ask the children to find some sticks, ideally straight and of differing sizes. If sticks are not readily available, bring in canes or long sticks for the activity.

Challenge the children to create a fraction collection of sticks, and ask them to have one whole stick at the top of their collection, a stick broken in half directly underneath, a stick broken in to four pieces under that and for those who are exceeding expectations, arrange 6 and then 8 sticks.

Visit each groups collection, and ask the children to point out to each other what is a half, ¼,1/6,1/8 and so on.

Extension Activity

Regroup the children and sit them down.

Draw ½, 1/4 on the playground with chalk.

Then offer the groups two cardboard boxes that can be stacked, and ask them to place one box on top of the other.

Setting guidelines, ask each group to make a representation or collection of various fractions, and to put the correct number of items in each box. For example, for 2/4, put two items in the top box, and four items in the lower box.

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