Muddy Puddles Supporting Grenfell

Muddy Puddles Supporting Grenfell

Last month the Muddy Puddles team were lucky enough to have the chance to be one of a multitude of businesses that could support the actions of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell.

The brief clip about Qais and his family and friends on the BBC today shows the impact of the campaign. Through Cornwall Hugs Grenfell families, firefighters and those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower are being offered free holidays thanks to a unique project in Cornwall.

Nearly 200 people have benefited from breaks put on by Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, which was set up in the aftermath of the tragedy by one woman who has encouraged hundreds of businesses in the area to donate.

One of the ongoing challenges for the families affected by Grenfell is that as winter approaches families now require winter clothing, as well as the summer clothing that was donated at the time of the fire.

Working with Charities

For a number of years we have been committed to making sure our good returns and single items in the business are put to good use. We have worked with Sals Shoes in the past to get snowboots out to refugee children during the winter. Sals Shoes are the remarkable grassroots organisation that put us in touch with Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. So for the first group of families that went down we were able to provide every child with a warm winter coat and robust pair of wellies. This meant children in great need of a carefree escape could step outdoors and explore the countryside without feeling the cold and wet.

It is incredibly lucky to be able to contribute to the Cornwall Hugs Grenfell campaign. As with other actions we have taken in the past to help equip refugee and asylum seeker children with outerwear for the winter it is an action that benefits Muddy Puddles as much if not more than the children we clothe. It gives pleasure to everyone in our team to be able to make a small action to help others. It helps reduce needless wasted good products in our business. It also gives us the chance to build meaningful relationships with admirable individuals and organisations that are committed to improving the lives of others.

Making a Difference

While CSR can seem like an unmanageable extra task for a small business to juggle along with everything else. For us that has not bee the case. We have found it to be a truly valuable part of how we work and through the brilliant charities we have met and worked with we have been able to offer simple and useful products and services to actions that are already being taken such as creating the educational resources for the Climate Change Coalitions For the Love campaign, supporting the project for Urban Wild Places and providing the childrens waterproofs for Farms for City Children.

If you would like to find out about ways that your business could support good causes then do get in touch as we would be delighted to link you up with some of the great partners we work with. Get in touch through

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