KS1 – Maths – Multiplication – Mud Slinging!

KS1 – Maths – Multiplication – Mud Slinging!

Learning Objectives

Numbers – multiplication and division:

Solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher.


- Syringes of different sizes

- Water guns

- Chalk

- Buckets x 4

- Mud, water, metre sticks

- Rulers, measuring tape

- Pine cones

Introduction Activity

Discuss with the children about the sport of archery, and explain to them they will be going outside and playing some archery based games. Ensure the children have some waterproof clothing, as instead of arrows, they will be ‘shooting’ with water and mud!

Splashes and Splats

On the playground, draw a larger version of the 1-10 target.

This time, ask children to call out number sentences, and model ‘shooting’ water with the water gun, aiming for the correct number.

Now set multiplication and number bond one step problems, and allow the children to take turns to ‘hit’ the correct answer.

Draw an unnumbered target on the wall, and discuss some predictions about where some of the marks might hit, and whether some may miss completely.

Place the bucket of water next to the starting lines. The pupils must fill their syringes to capacity, take aim, and fire! They can draw around their mark with the chalk, or mark next to it with an x if it is a warm day.

Each pupil should have a turn behind each line, and record their results.

Using the large target on the playground, now allow the children to take turns at mud-slinging. This time, measure and record in metres and centimetres, with the metre sticks, how far from the target each player was.

Extension Activity

Look again at the results of the syringe archery game. There is scope to assess how different sizes of syringe may alter the results, is there a link between the size and capacity of syringe and the results.

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