Our EcoLight Puddlesuit in The Evening Standard

Our EcoLight Puddlesuit in The Evening Standard

We're super proud that our recycled EcoLight Puddlesuits have been featured in the Evening Standard's round up of the best waterproof puddlesuits for children.

Designed for spring and summer adventures, these super waterproof (up to 10,000mm) puddlesuits come in four fun and colourful prints, guaranteed to bring a smile!

Read on to hear what The Evening Standard had to say about our EcoLight Puddlesuits.

"The Muddy Puddles Ecolight Puddle Suit is special because it’s jersey-lined (yep, jersey – not fleece!) meaning maximum comfort with no worries of your child getting too hot and sweaty if the sun comes out. It’s extremely lightweight and flexible, and the elastic on the cuffs and hood is much thinner and more gentle than the others we tested, making this a great choice for those who may struggle with the sensory element of something tight around their wrists and head. There’s a large pocket on the front of the puddlesuit that is excellent for both collecting treasures whilst out on a woodland walk and bundling the puddlesuit inside itself for compact storage when not in use. The outer layer is made from 100 per cent recycled polyester, and finished with BIONIC-FINISH ECO flourine free waterproof coating, making this puddlesuit impressively waterproof up to 10,000mm. The Ecolight Puddle Suit is only available in bright happy colours – no plain Janes here. We love the Blue Happy design – it’s bright, unisex and covered in fun pictures and patterns."

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