Our Favourite Bonfire Night Traditions

Our Favourite Bonfire Night Traditions

Bonfire Night is nearly here, and it’s one of our favourite times of year! There’s nothing better than wrapping up warm, gathering with friends and family and watching a fireworks display or toasting marshmallows.

We’ve put together a guide to our favourite Bonfire Night traditions which you can do with your family, as well as some top tips for keeping little ones warm.

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What is Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night (otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night) is a commemoration of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, in which Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament in an attempt to kill King James I. Guy Fawkes was arrested in the cellar where the explosives had been stashed on November 5th, and it was named a day of celebration. Traditionally on Bonfire Night people would light bonfires to celebrate the fact that the King was still alive, and in the years that followed celebrations became more elaborate with fireworks and mini explosives being launched into the night sky.

How to keep warm on Bonfire Night

As Bonfire Night celebrations traditionally take place outdoors after dark, it’s important to make sure that children have plenty of layers to keep them warm and cosy. A snuggly coat is absolutely essential and we love our Waterproof Parka Jacket with sherpa lining and faux fur hood, or for all over warmth our EcoWarm Waterproof Puddlesuit is perfect. Bonfire Night wouldn’t be complete without a colourful bobble hat, and our Cable Bobble Hat will really make them stand out in the crowd. Don’t forget cosy footwear – our Puddlestomper Wellies or super warm Snow Boots are the best way to keep little toes warm and dry. For extra warmth our Thermal Base Layers are the perfect solution, and they double up as pyjamas so you can get them straight to bed when you get home. Finally, don’t forget a practical pair of Waterproof Gloves, essential for holding onto sparklers. Shop our Winter Warmers collection here 

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Our favourite Bonfire Night traditions

1) Watch a firework display and wave a sparkler around The best way to celebrate Bonfire Night is to visit one of the many organised firework displays happening all over the UK. Some venues like Alexandra Palace in London even host live music, a funfair and a huge bonfire to go alongside the incredible fireworks. If you’re taking little ones with you, then it’s worth investing in a set of ear defenders just in case the bangs are a little bit too loud for them.

2) Toast marshmallows (or go one step further and make s’mores) One of our favourite Bonfire Night traditions is toasting jumbo marshmallows over a bonfire (or kitchen stove). All you need is a pack of marshmallows, some wooden skewers (don’t use the metal ones as they will heat up), and some excited helpers. Hold the marshmallow close to the centre of the fire, and gently rotate to cook evenly. To make s’mores, place a rich tea biscuit on a piece of tin foil, top with two chunks of chocolate and a jumbo marshmallow, then add another digestive biscuit and wrap in the foil. Warm on the bonfire for 2 minutes on each side and your s’mores will be deliciously gooey.

3) Eat a toffee apple (or make some yourself) Toffee apples are the ultimate Bonfire Night treat, and can be found in any good supermarket, but we love making our own. Simply take a Granny Smith apple, push a lolly stick into the end, then coat in homemade caramel (you can find a good caramel recipe here) and decorate with anything you like. For little ones who may not be able to manage a whole apple, you can use a slice of apple, cover it in chocolate and decorate with sprinkles – a scrummy treat that the whole family will enjoy!

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4) Make some fireworks themed pictures Little ones love making pictures, and these firework themed paintings are perfect for Bonfire Night. Simply get some black card, cut some strips into the end of a toilet roll, dip on coloured paint and stamp onto the paper. To make it even more fun, take some glitter glue or star sequins and add sparkles to the fireworks. 

5) Make some traditional parkin Baking (and eating) delicious parkin is one of the oldest Bonfire Night traditions – the yummy treacle-based Yorkshire treat dates back to 1728. It’s the perfect Autumnal traybake and is flavoured with syrupy molasses, oatmeal and warm spices. We love this recipe from BBC Good Food.

6) Bob for apples Bobbing for apples is a super fun (and soggy) Bonfire Night activity which children find hilarious. Fill a large bowl with water and apples, and try to bite into an apple with your hands behind your back. Apple bobbing dates back to Roman times and is a classic Autumn game which has been enjoyed for hundreds of years.

We hope you have a brilliant Bonfire Night with your family. If you take any photos of your little ones in their Muddy Puddles waterproofs, please remember to tag us @muddypuddlesuk – we love seeing your photos!

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