How To Spend 1000 Hours Outside

How To Spend 1000 Hours Outside

1000 Hours Outside is a global movement which encourages children and adults to spend more time in nature. It’s become hugely popular on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram with families sharing their outdoor adventures.

But what exactly is 1000 Hours Outside, and how can you get involved? We’ve put together a handy guide, explaining how you can embrace the challenge and find plenty of inspiration for your family days out.

What is the 1000 Hours Outside challenge?

The purpose of 1000 Hours Outside is to attempt to match nature time with screen time. On average children consume media through screens 1200 hours per year, therefore the time is available, and some of it should be shifted towards healthier and more productive outdoor activities. 1000 hours outside may seem like a huge challenge, however when you break it down, it’s just 2.7 hours per day. This could be as simple as a couple of activities in the garden, a trip to your local park, or a family day out at a nature reserve, forest or beach. To get started, simply download one of the free 1000 Hours Outside tracking sheets, available here. You can share your adventures on TikTok and Instagram using the #1000hoursoutside hashtag.

Our top 10 ways to spend 1000 Hours Outside

At Muddy Puddles we take getting little ones outside very seriously - research has shown that spending time outside is a crucial part of child development, and helps them to develop self-confidence and independence. Here are our 10 favourite ways to spend time outside together.

1) Set up a mud kitchen in your garden

2) Build a hedgehog house

3) Try out the new Zog trail with Forestry England

4) Build a bug hotel

5) Visit a country park

6) Have a go at stargazing after dark

7) Go for a beach walk

8) Find your own fruit and veg at a pick your own farm

9) Organise a scavenger hunt

10) Build the perfect woodland den

mud kitchen play

How others are spending 1000 Hours Outside

To get you started, here are a few of our favourite TikTik videos from other families who are embracing 1000 Hours Outside.
@my1000hourslife Day 163 of doing the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge ???? #outdoorkids #funoutside #fyp #sunshine #UK #britishsummer #heatwave #1000hoursoutside #Challenge #girlmum #family #parenting #parentsoftiktok ♬ New Soul - Yael Naïm
@jessicaireland ✨DAY 9 OF SPENDING 1000 HOURS OUTSIDE IN 2023!✨#familyvlog #1000hoursoutside #1000hoursoutsidechallenge ♬ Sure Thing (sped up) - Miguel
Here’s our favourite tracker, for your first 100 hours. Just download, print and start the challenge today! Stick it on your fridge or noticeboard - children will love colouring in the little circles at the end of each day.
1000 hours outside tracker Photo Credit: 1000 Hours Outside
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