10 Ways to Spend Father’s Day

10 Ways to Spend Father’s Day

With Father's Day approaching, what better way to celebrate than spending some quality time outdoors with the whole family?

Here are some fun outdoor activities the whole family will enjoy to make this Father’s Day even more special.

1) Go for a picnic

Look out for the perfect picnic spot and prepare a Father’s Day lunch to enjoy outside as a family. If your little explorers are old enough, let them prepare a simple treat. Enjoy a delicious family meal outside and don't forget waterproof jackets in case of a sudden downpour.

2) Build a den together

Build a den together and make some happy memories in the process. Gather your supplies on a nature walk and build the perfect hideout together.

3) Go camping

Treat dad to a camping trip! Set up a tent in the garden or further afield, decorate the interior and ask the children to bring their favourite games and toys. You can play games, make a bonfire, cook your dinner outdoors and end the day with some stargazing - perfect! Check out our blog for our top family-friendly campsites for inspiration.

4) Go fishing

Casting a line with the little ones is a lovely, relaxing way to spend dad's special day. Fishing is a great way for families to bond together and it also gets children outside in the fresh air and lets them experience the wonders of wildlife and nature as well as the art of patience. Make sure you have the correct fishing license and day ticket or permit for fishing. Children under 13 do not need a fishing license - find out more on the government website.

5) Try pond dipping

Pond dipping is all about looking for wildlife living in the pond: mini beasts, fish, water snails and so many more. It is so fun trying to identify them all! Put on your waders, grab a net and see who spots more pond creatures. Wellies are a must!

6) Fly a kite

Perfect for days when there’s enough wind to get the kite up and airborne. Light to medium winds are the best as they will help the kite to soar. Try model aeroplane flying on stiller days – build your own model aeroplane together and put it to the test.

7) Go stargazing

Stay up late on Father’s Day and see how many stars you can find and possibly name. If you’re not quite up to speed on the constellations yourself, you can download a map of all the stars to make your stargazing evening even more fun. Read more about our top tips for stargazing.

8) Play some outdoor games

Let dad flaunt his competitive side - we've got some great suggestions for outdoor games which everyone will enjoy like sardines and 40-40. You could even play them on the beach or in your local park.

9) Climb a tree

Challenge dad and ask him to climb a tree together with your children. We’re sure it was one of his favourite activities when he was a child so why not give it another go after all these years?!

10) Go on a family walk

A family walk is always a good idea, no matter what the weather is doing. If your family likes challenges, go for a longer one. Head to the nearest woods, country park or even go for an urban stroll. For an added challenge for dad, why not create a scavenger hunt for him and your little explorers to complete along the way.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

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