10 Outdoor Festive Activities

10 Outdoor Festive Activities

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we’ve rounded up 10 brilliant outdoor activities full of festive spirit to enjoy with your children this winter. Wrap up warm, pack a flask of hot chocolate and spend a wonderful day outdoors with your family.

Nothing gets us into the festive spirit quite like getting outdoors at this time of the year. We've rounded up our favourite outdoor activities to enjoy with your children this Christmas season.

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1) Look for animal footprints

Head out into the fresh snow (fingers crossed for some snow this winter!) or mud and look for animal footprints. Try to guess the animal the footprints belong to. How many different footprints can you spot? You can stomp through the snow (or mud) and make your own footprints, too!

2) Make a Christmas cake bird feeder

Christmas time is all about giving. Why not make a super easy bird feeder for your hungry feathered friends? Hang it on a tree in your garden or a window when it’s ready. Good news - no baking is required. Follow our quick and easy recipe and help out birds this winter.

3) Build a cosy shelter

Wrap up warm and have a go at building a cosy den or shelter in your very own garden or in your local park. It's the perfect place for a game of hide and seek or a good base for stargazing, which is perfect for the winter months as it gets darker earlier in the evening. Grab blankets, a flask of hot chocolate and some cups and head outdoors with the family.

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4) Make an elf house

Head to a local park or wildlife area and make your own Elf or Fairy house. Children will love the process of building and personalising the house. Have a look at our step by step guide to making an Elf house.

5) Go on a Christmas walk

Get the whole family together and head outdoors for a post-Christmas dinner walk. Have a look at our top 10 family-friendly winter walks.

6) Seal racing

Bundle up your children in snowsuits and find a snow (or ice) covered ground. Ask children to lay on their bellies and pull themselves along using only their arms. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.

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7) Winter watch

Create a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood or garden. There are lots of things to spot on a winter scavenger hunt: animal tracks, pine cones, evergreen trees and many more! Download our handy spotting sheet and head outdoors with your brave explorers.

8) Go on a present hunt

Wrap up a box in gift paper and hide it outside for your children to find. You can give clues such as “getting warmer” as they get closer to the box and “getting colder” if they move further away or in the wrong direction.

9) Ice skating

It's the perfect time of year to enjoy a spot of ice skating with the family. There are plenty of family-friendly ice rinks across the UK to visit. Just remember to wrap up warm to ensure your little skaters can fully enjoy an afternoon on the ice!

10) Make a Christmas wreath

Making Christmas crafts will surely get you and your family into the festive spirit. With our top tips you can craft your very own Christmas wreath and get the whole family involved. Go out for a walk with your little ones and ask them to collect lots of branches, pine cones and anything else nature has left on the ground. We're sure your children will enjoy taking part in the holiday preparations and they’ll be so proud to show visiting family members all the lovely decorations they crafted. Here is how to make your own Christmas wreath.

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